Train your core under a door!




The Ab Amigo is an innovative new doorway sit-up bar that delivers a stable, padded foothold for effective, consistent abdominal training. This lightweight, portable system is designed for athletes of any size and skill level, and can be used almost anywhere.

The Ab Amigo’s flat metal brackets slide easily under any standard door (a 0.75" space between the door and floor works best) for easy set-up and removal. When positioned correctly, the vertical sections of the two brackets then form a snug hold on the front of the door, anchoring the raised foothold panel into place. A set of foam pads on the inside of the brackets prevent any scuffs or damage to your door, and additional thick padding under the foothold ensures optimal comfort for the user.

Along with turning any doorway into a functioning sit-up station, the Ab Amigo's self-correcting design (the bar pulls out from the door when used incorrectly) also ensures better technique / form, leading to greater longterm core-building results.

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