CAP 'N' Caulk

Lets Talk Caulk

Caulk 'n' cap is a simply design created by a professional painter to solve a problem known by do it yourselfers and artisan painters alike. Using one of the many tools on the market today a painter is left with a clumsy extension of their finger to manipulate which can be dangerous on a high ladder. Thats why many painters stick with using their index finger to do the job, but this gets caulk all over your hands! With Cap 'n' caulk the tool itself mounts directly onto a single finger giving you the same authentic feel without the mess! And without having to lug around a handheld tool you always have two hands available when going up and down a ladder! Cap 'n' caulks are currently in development and will be made available soon!

Tired of Caulk all over your hands?

Stay tuned for more info on cap 'n' caulks!

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